Welcome to Utench

Utench has been working in the north of Chine since 2008. All segments of work, from the development and preparation via manufacture to assembly are done in house.

A company that started working as a small firm is now a worldwide operating company with above than 20 countries exporting experience. But there is a thing that hasn’t changed, the hunt for complete perfect and finest quality work. It is our clients, their desires and requirements, who are at the center of whatever thing we do.

Featured Products


The best suitable version for all types of buildings, because of the wide range of opening types, outwards and inwards.

Designs that includes features like bullet-resistant, theft-resistant, and thermal-insulation are possible without making any changes in the appearance, and with a number of extra components.
A wide range of system tests according to the internal product standards.
Fittings that are finely personalized to window systems, with the excellent durability and quality.

Some Happy Customers

Joan-Import Manager

I met Kim in 2013 at the windows and doors exhibition. I was thinking about changing my current supplier. Although Kim has been very tireless in following up our cooperation, our company has strict supplier audit process. From 2013 to 2015 , we have no cooperation. But Kim insists on updating product prices and developments every month, though I hope. We work with him, but our suppliers have been very stable.

Until 2016, the supplier we cooperated with had problems. Our supplier told us that we could not deliver the goods on time. If the goods could not be delivered on time, we would be complained by the real estate developers. Once the construction period was delayed, we would face several times of compensation. We had to talk to Kim, and then we began to cooperate with Utench for the first time, although first time. We tried a large number of orders at one time, but there was no way for us to do so. In the end, we were surprised that Utench not only had an advantage in price, but also had a very good quality control, so we need to arrange temporary orders to be placed temporarily, which is very necessary for suppliers to cooperate. I am very grateful to Kim for timely follow-up.

Joan, Import Manager

What I admire most about Utench is their handling of details. Every one of them seems to be pursuing perfection. I have visited Utench factories many times. They are very busy and business is very good. Every time I go to China, I like to sit in their factories. What I value most is quality, whether they are my own products or the products they produce for other customers. Need good, in order to reflect the strength of the factory, so I have to go to their production line every time to see the quality of their products, I am glad that over the years, their quality is still so good.

Our company started to enter the Canadian market in 2015. We quickly put forward our demand for quality with Utench. Sophia not only differentiated the quality, but also gave me a lot of suggestions for the Canadian market. Now we have become Utench’s agent in the Canadian market.

Paul, Architect
Nick-Home Designer

When I was working with Utench, I just started to do my import business. My friend told me to find a supplier on the B2B website. However, everything didn’t seem so simple. I started looking for a supplier on the B2B website. The price is very attractive. In the end, I received a bunch of rubbish. After working with Utench, Dylan gave me a lot of useful suggestions. What I like most is the company’s patience with customers I remember one time when a company had patience with its customers because my problems led to problems with bills of lading. I couldn’t clear the bill of lading. Tens of thousands of dollars of goods were detained at the customs. This loss was too much for my new company. At that time, I was very impatient, constantly accusing Dylan of not dealing with it properly, and complaining that I would not cooperate with Utench anymore.

Dylan is very tolerant of my bad temper, never accused me, and then constantly contact the forwarder, and finally help me put the goods forward at the customs deadline. I feel very ashamed and apologize to him. Utench always emphasizes that when the problem arises, it should be the first time to deal with the problem. After the problem is solved, we will care about who is right and who is wrong. Now we have been working for two years. As a designer, I thank Utench for helping me.

Nick, Home Designer