Have you ever thought about whether your home security system or the “Beware of Dogs” sign really keeps thieves away?

So are we. As a result, the KGB investigation team wrote to 85 prisoners who were currently serving sentences in the Oregon corrections department for burglary. The prisoners were asked to answer 17 questions anonymously, detailing how they broke in, when the crime occurred and what they were looking for.

The following is a summary of the responses we received.

One. How do you usually break into a home or apartment?

Most prisoners come in from doors or windows that are not locked. Several thieves kicked the door open.

“I would rather kick the door than break the glass. A prisoner said: “Loud bangs are better than loud glass breaking, plus you run the risk of getting cut,t. “.

2.As soon as you enter, what is the first thing you want to steal?

Jewelry, electronics, cash and credit cards are all attractive to thieves. The prisoners also added collectibles and guns.

three. Where are you looking for hidden valuables?

Most thieves first look for valuables in the master bedroom and then move around the rest of the house.

“It’s everywhere! From stoves and refrigerators, to fish tanks and toilet tanks, bookshelves and boxed cereals,” says one prisoner.

3.What is your ideal target for burglary?

The thief didn’t want to be seen They look for houses with big fences, trees or bushes.

“Homes away from other houses, blind spots, older window frames, cheap wooden doors,” wrote one burglar.

Another prisoner wrote: “trees, bushes or bushes around the house, or very conservative and conservative neighbors.”

Another said, “a good home with a good car = a rich man.”

4.What can homeowners do to avoid theft?

The thieves advised the owners to make their property visible with good lighting and trimmed bushes and trees. You should know your neighbors and call the

police if you see anything suspicious.

“In my opinion, I think the homeowner should keep the TV or radio on all the time,” said one prisoner.

“Take a camera and make it visible!” Another wrote.

“Stick bars on doors and windows, warn, drive an extra car in the driveway, turn on lights, TV and radio when you go out,” wrote a questionnaire.

A burglar said, “there is an alarm at home. Know your neighbors so they can report suspicious people nearby.”.

Many of the prisoners who responded were remorseful. They don’t want homeowners to be victims.

“Thank you for giving me the opportunity to help, and for giving me something that can really help others,” wrote the prisoner.

Another convicted burglar said: “I can never restore the sense of security I destroyed, but I can help prevent others from losing their sense of security.”.

Here are two letters and a questionnaire of convicted thieves. Names and blasphemies have been removed.

Security window is also a kind of anti-theft window, mainly through adding security glass, such as Double toughened glass, laminated glass, adding anti-theft bar, and adding anti-theft stainless steel screen mesh to increase the security of the window

The Screen Integrated Window is suitable for assembling on the relatively new and high-end doors and windows, which not only has the effect of insect and mosquito prevention, but also plays the role of anti-theft, and does not affect the beauty. The screen is transparent without vertigo. The indoor view is like a layer of colored glass. The outdoor view is fuzzy and trance. The hardness of steel mesh is good. Because of its high strength, whether it is fixed on the wall or on the window, it has a good enough acceptance force and is not afraid of invasion by outsiders. The high-quality mesh is treated by electrophoretic coating, and it is not afraid of moisture, sun or other bad conditions. Because of its crisscross structure and the wire diameter of only 0.8mm, it can not only prevent mosquitoes but also strengthen the anti-theft effect when ventilating and ventilating


Advantages and functions of Screen Integrated Window

Strong impact resistance, anti-theft, anti mosquito. High temperature resistance, flame retardant, high strength, strong toughness, bright and beautiful surface color, can better increase air circulation rate and sunlight. The anti-theft mosquito net is made of stainless steel wire. The surface is sprayed with plastic, and the color is (black, gray, etc.). It is concealed on the aluminum doors and windows, so that they can be organically combined into a whole. The stainless steel mesh is hidden in the window frame, the aluminum strip is sealed, beautiful and generous. It really embodies the trinity of anti-theft, anti mosquito, ventilation and ventilation. Moreover, the emergency escape is convenient, barrier free and unobstructed. Easy to clean, as long as a rag can clean very clean. Long service life, up to 15-50 years

Seven functions:

  1. Safety protection: refuse unsafe factors and prevent damage or invasion of rats, snakes, flies, mosquitoes and other animals;
  1. Prevention of falling objects: the elderly or children playing in the room will not be in an unsafe state due to the opening of doors and windows;
  1. Invisible and transparent: there is no sense of obstruction, occlusion and depression, and the room is always bright and natural;
  1. Power saving and energy saving: no air blocking, indoor fresh air at any time, reduce unnecessary air conditioning operation;
  1. Easy to care: dust and oil are easy to clean, and it is as bright as new after a little care with a vacuum cleaner, absorbent sponge or ordinary brush;
  1. UV resistance: it can resist up to 30% of UV rays, so that you can enjoy the sunshine and avoid the damage of UV rays to the skin;
  1. Low carbon and environmental protection: it is made of environmental protection materials without pollution;

Wide application: applicable to all residences and villas.

For Anti-Theft performance, Utench has launched two windows, UXGW66 and UXGW80, both of which have anti-theft performance.

And it is equipped with double-layer toughened glass. If the customer needs, we can also replace it with laminated double glass