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Warranty for Window and Door

UTENCH, the entire window has three years of quality assurance, including: hardware damage and rupture, glass self-bursting, profile fracture, (excluding man-made and natural force majeure: such as earthquake, fire, flood) and above, once confirmed, UTENCH will unconditionally replace customers or pay maintenance costs.


On UTENCH Window Hardware are warranted against material defects in materials and workmanship for the duration of 10 years with a 1 year warranty on the finish, from the date of purchase under basic use and service subject to conditions. The item must be intact from the original location installed with original proof of purchase in order to be eligible for the warranty.


Because the size of glass is inconsistent with the order size, UTENCH bears the responsibility. However, we do not bear the responsibility for the broken glass caused by transportation. We will buy insurance for windows. After the glass reaches the destination, the customer should check the glass at the first time and take photos to us in time. We will assist the customer to provide relevant information and send it to the insurance company.

This warranty excludes all normal wear and tear damages that are caused by scratches or misuse. The warranty does not cover the products if the following occurs: Alteration, installed improperly, damaged by water, fire, or nature, inconsistent with instruction and maintenance regarding use, exposure to harming chemicals, and used for purposes other than for what it was intended to do.

If any product manufactured by UTENCH is found defective by UTENCH, is based solely on judgment and good faith investigation into the warranty claims. If the item is found defective during the warranty period, than UTENCH will, replace with the same or similar product, UTENCH is not responsible for the cost of replacement of the cost or requirement of labor (physically installation), cost of shipping the replacement or any said goods In order to make a warranty claim, please notify UTENCH immediately by calling our office +86-1861-564-5060 during business hours or email us at service@utench.com. The purpose of this warranty is to provide the client, with the replacement of products, or parts, manufactured by UTENCH found to be defective in materials or workmanship or negligently manufactured.