These three aluminum alloy doors and windows hardware accessories use principle, let your home window cost performance doubled!

Many people say that the aluminum alloy doors and windows industry is too deep, When owners of house choose aluminum alloy doors and windows, 99 out of 100 will be trapped. Just like a small matter such as aluminum alloy door and window hardware accessories, if you choose well, the experience of using doors and windows doubles; if you accidentally choose the wrong one, you will still have a bad experience with expensive windows.

As an aspiring science channel, UTENCH Door and Window Blogger will show you the influence of hardware accessories on the performance of doors and windows, and some principles when choosing hardware accessories.

Why choose hardware

Door and window hardware, isn’t it just about choosing the brand and appearance of the handle? The aluminum alloy doors and windows in my house are the best choice from glass and profiles. Is the sound insulation and energy saving of windows worse? If you think so, you are very wrong.

Aluminum alloy doors and windows are a system composed of glass, profiles, hardware and sealant. As a system, the physical properties of aluminum alloy doors and windows are very closely related. For example, the heat insulation and heat preservation properties of doors and windows are not only In addition to the materials used, air tightness has a great influence on the thermal insulation of doors and windows.

Therefore, hardware accessories, as the components responsible for the close connection of the window frames and sashes of doors and windows, if properly selected, can improve the airtightness of the entire window, thereby enhancing other performance of the window (that is, the hardware is well configured, 500 USD The window may have the effect of an aluminum alloy window of 1,000 USD!)

Beginner’s Edition: learn to know these 10 kinds of hardware accessories

Hardware accessories are the general name of all kinds of metal and non-metal accessories installed on building doors and windows, and are the key components to determine the performance of doors and windows. According to the use, it can be divided into three categories: hardware accessories of sliding doors and windows, hardware accessories of ordinary casement windows and hardware accessories of inner opening and inner inverted windows.

According to the product classification, hardware accessories can be divided into: transmission mechanism handle, spinning handle, hinge, transmission lock, sliding support, wind support, bolt, multi-point lock, pulley, single point lock, etc.

Spinning handle, commonly known as 7 word handle, single point handle. It is suitable for small size aluminum alloy side hung doors with window sash area less than 0.24 square meters, and can only be locked at a single point.

The transmission mechanism uses a handle to lock doors and windows by using it together with the transmission rod and the locking point. The scope of application is wide, and it can realize multi-point locking.

Sliding brace, which is generally used to open and suspend windows, is a multi link device to support the window sash to realize opening, closing and positioning.

The wind support is applied to aluminum alloy inner casement window, Outward opening casement top hung window and Inward opening casement swing window. Its function is to fix the opening window sash in a preset position.

The pulley is a device which can bear the weight of sliding door and window sash and make the door and window move along the track by rolling itself under the action of external force.

Drive lock is a rod-shaped drive device with lock point, which is applied to aluminum alloy casement windows, upper suspension windows and lower suspension windows to control the locking and opening of doors and windows. It is generally used together with the handle of the drive mechanism to complete the locking and opening functions of doors and windows.

The multi-point locking device has more locking points than the drive locking device, and sometimes the corner converter is needed.

Advanced version: chooses hardware that can improve the cost performance of windows

  1. Select high quality hardware accessories

If the quality of hardware accessories is poor, the locking point and lock seat can not be tightly fastened together after the doors and windows are locked, and the sealing force can not be produced, resulting in the reduction of the sealing performance of doors and windows. And the hardware with poor quality is easy to be aged and broken.

For example, the sliding brace with low load-bearing and poor quality is installed on the external casement window, which may cause the handle side of the casement to fall seriously when the casement is closed, so that the window frame and sash can not achieve reasonable sealing effect, and the overall sealing performance of the window cannot be guaranteed.


Solution: choose domestic first-line or international brand 304 stainless steel sliding support. UTENCH recommend you choose brand like CHINA KINLONG, CHINA HOPO,GERMANY HOPPE, GERMAN ROTO From the appearance of a qualified hardware, one or two can be easily distinguished

First, the outer surface of the product should be free of obvious defects, scratches, air holes, pits, burrs and other defects. The joint shall be firm, round, smooth and free from cracks. Moreover, the coating is uniform in color, without defects such as falling off, sagging and bubbles, and even in coating, without defects such as bottom exposure, yellowing and scorching.

The influence of hardware configuration on the performance of aluminum alloy doors and windows

The types of hardware that affect the sealing performance of doors and windows can be roughly divided into two categories: multi lock point hardware and single lock point hardware.

The lock points and lock bases of multi lock point hardware are distributed around the doors and windows. When the doors and windows are locked, the lock points and lock bases are firmly buckled together, and cooperate with the hinges or sliding braces to produce a strong sealing and pressing force, so as to provide sufficient sealing performance for the doors and windows, so that the fans and frames form a whole. Therefore, the use of multi lock point hardware can improve the sealing performance of doors and windows.

The sealing performance of single lock point hardware is relatively poor, because the single lock point can only provide locking on the opening side of the door and window sash, and only three or four locking points can be produced when cooperating with the hinge (hinge) or sliding brace, and the four corners of the window sash are in an unconstrained state, which leads to the overall sealing effect of the door and window.

According to the mechanical formula and experiment, it is concluded that the three lock points can greatly reduce the deformation of the door and window and improve the sealing effect. Under the condition of meeting the requirements of strength and sealing, more locking points is equivalent to waste.