How to distinguish the quality of window materials?

The same broken bridge, different aluminum prices so big difference?

What should we pay attention to when buying balcony windows?

“Basic” elements of balcony windows

Material components

Aluminum, glass, pulley, door lock, glue, rubber strip / wool strip

Window type: sliding window, casement window (the sealing and sound insulation of casement window is better than sliding window, and the price is higher than sliding window)

Type of aluminum: wall thickness 1.1, 1.2, 1.4, 1.5, 1.6mm. The common national standard is 1.4mm

Aluminum profile structure: common, broken bridge. Now there are more broken bridges and more fake materials. The price is far lower than 60 USD / m2. We believe that its quality is not good. As far as the cost of regular aluminum materials is concerned, the normal market price will be basically 60-90usd / m2, and the better one will be more than 100usd / m2

Window Depth: such as 40, 50, 55, 60, 65, 70

This refers to the size of the window type determined by the measured size of the position in the figure below

Some people have said before that he doesn’t have high requirements for balcony window, doesn’t need to be too good, doesn’t have high requirements for sound insulation and heat insulation, as long as the cheap materials can be said. What UTENCH wants to tell you is that the importance of balcony window does not only need to consider sound insulation and heat insulation, but also the problem of balcony window water seepage.

In the first half of this year, a customer from Cameroon told me that the window he bought from China was not sealed because of the balcony window . In addition, in the rainy season, he found a large area of water seepage on the balcony. The customer found a lot of maintenance workers, and the maintenance was very arduous

How to distinguish the quality of balcony material?

What is the price difference?

Generally speaking, the biggest price difference is in the cost of raw materials. Because of the different consumption of materials and different processes, the production cost has increased. What you can directly feel is the selling price. Of course, the quality of the things you make is also different. There are quality problems behind the very cheap materials. It’s also a lot of work and money to repair them again and again.

1、Difference of wall thickness structure of aluminum

The thickness of genuine products in the market is 1.4mm-1.6mm according to the national standard, but many manufacturers use 1.2 or even 1.0 wall thickness materials, so the price is quite different

Some shoddy merchants use very thin materials, so the door and window profiles are easy to break, and there is basically no function of wind, rain, sound and heat insulation

2、How to distinguish the quality of pulley?

Utench teaches you three ways to distinguish

1) look surface

At present, the counterfeit means in the market is chrome plating on the surface of iron, which will look very similar to stainless steel in appearance. However, if you look carefully, you will find that the surface will be polished, and you can distinguish it by looking at a screw.

2) weigh up

The stainless steel pulley is light and the iron pulley is heavy

3) slide:

A few slides on site, the good pulley is very smooth, you can “run” far with a little push; the poor pulley is always easy to produce a lot of friction with the contact surface.

3、 The glass part has a doorway

General businesses will tell you that the glass for balcony windows is “5 + 9 + 5”, “5 + 12 + 5” and other specifications. This is “5” which is the thickness of a piece of glass. “9” and “12” are the hollow distance between two pieces of glass. The greater the distance, the better the sound insulation effect. The thicker the overall glass, the larger the profile outside, and the higher the price. The price of good glass will be 5-10usd / m2 higher than that of ordinary glass. In the details of glass, utench reminds you of several point


Check whether the aluminum strip is on:

The aluminum strip in the glass is one of the determinants of the sealing quality. The color of the bad aluminum strip is darker, concave convex and uneven.


Check the glass edge glue:

In general, the glue used to seal balcony stores by glass is even and straight, which is not the same as that used to be chewed by dogs. One is more beautiful, the other is to make full use of materials to ensure the tightness.

4、 Other details

window mosquito netting: many customers have asked UTENCH how to judge the quality of window mosquito netting? In fact, as long as you press it with your hand, the good screen texture is very tight, and you usually need to spend some effort to press it; as for the window mosquito netting of general quality, you can press it gently with your hand, and it can sink down, and the raw materials used are different.