In this era of big brains,

Various designs that incorporate whimsy,

Often catch our eyes with bold, novel gestures,

People have to be convinced by the charm of design

The highest state of floor-to-ceiling windows

French windows to the house,

It ’s like people looking at the outside world ’s eyes,

It not only bathes the entire space under the warm sun,

It also greatly shortened the distance between indoor and outdoor.

It reflects the ultimate pursuit of the owner’s interest in nature.

But usually we see the floor-to-ceiling window design,

Most are directly sealing the balcony,

So is there a possibility,

Both have an open balcony,

Can you also enjoy the transparency brought by the floor-to-ceiling windows?

Next we are going to unlock the “new pose” of the floor-to-ceiling window,

See how these “big guys” in the door and window industry are cleverly done

Freely switch between floor-to-ceiling windows and balconies!

Floor to ceiling windows provide good lighting,

Maximize the visibility of a home,

It can be called the standard match of luxury houses!

But this window can be turned into a balcony,

Create a free and open view,

That’s even worse,

To break through the sky of design!

It is said that the product has also gained the reputation

The red dot award, known as the “Oscar for industrial design”,

Designed by a construction company in Amsterdam, the Netherlands,

Name it bloomframe window.

Whether in appearance or opening mode,

It overturns the concept of floor to ceiling windows,

Just press the button,

Can instantly perform a magic visual feast!

The indoor lighting and ventilation are optimized to the greatest extent,

Even if the owner does not leave home,

You can also stand on the balcony and enjoy the distant scenery.

There is always a dilemma between design and practicality,

But this new and fashionable floor to ceiling design,

But it greatly satisfies the modern people’s psychology of pursuing quality life,

Moreover, it is safe, beautiful and full of design sense.

When you put it away,

It is the same as the traditional French windows

Once extended,

There’s no problem standing a dozen people in a square inch.

For the old people who are afraid of heights,

Other materials can be used instead of transparent glass,

Eliminate their worries perfectly

Because it’s not static,

It can be customized to meet different needs of customers,

Even the size, color and shape can be more personalized

At present, the design has been officially put into the market,

A high-end apartment building in Amsterdam,

First expressed strong interest in this product,

And make bold application, make it become the biggest bright spot

Luxurious interior with deformable floor to ceiling windows,

Make the whole apartment extraordinary,

It can be bathed in sunshine indoors,

Close contact with the beautiful scenery outside the window,

I really enjoyed it!

Without doubt,

The pursuit of design has never stopped,

And the power and source of design,

It’s the ultimate yearning for a better life.

This kind of multifunctional floor to ceiling window,

It not only connects the closed space and nature,

It makes up for the lack of space in small apartments,

It realizes the dual pursuit of function and beauty,

Maybe that’s why many people fall in love with it!

it happens that there is a similar case,

A glass sliding door company in Switzerland——

Vitrocsa also focuses on this design,

The difference is that their glass buildings are not constrained by right angles,

It’s flexible and free to turn,

Created another amazing design.

Compared with the traditional floor to floor window design,

It can be said that this is the pioneer of independence.

They replaced the walls with floor to ceiling windows,

It also solves the problem that the corner is difficult to handle,

Let the glass door pass through the right angle freely

In this way, all the darkness will surrender,

And truly achieved the indoor and outdoor space zero distance dialogue.

In the sense of space created by panoramic floor to ceiling windows,

The whole room can get more outdoor beauty.

Corner details

Corner illustration

And the invisible tracks of these floor-to-ceiling windows are extremely slim,

It has achieved a good unity with the simple building block.

In addition to this slightly more difficult right-angle sliding door,

They are also good at using the curved sliding doors that the public likes

To shape the lines and lightness of the space.

Surface track details

Have you ever seen a floor-to-ceiling window track design that can be recessed into the ceiling and the floor vertically?

And manual folding disappeared,

Easily solve the problem of occlusion

The groove of the invisible track is the ultimate,

No clumsy processing is needed at all.

In addition, the “invisible wall” of Vitrocsa is also highly regarded,

It’s even more popular in more than 20 countries,

the most important is,

It keeps a trouble-free record

Lebanese Crystal Tower,

Make everything in front of you clear.

Standing at a height of 100 meters and looking out,

A panoramic view of the opposite coast

There are various other application cases of floor-to-ceiling windows.

Interpreting high-quality interior space design in a simple way

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