Such a case: a German businessman living in China in order to make his villa in the suburbs of Beijing meet the green energy-saving standards of the German “passive house”, the European standard energy-saving windows and doors were used to transform the villa.

After the energy-saving renovation, he found that the air conditioner was not turned on in the summer, which was 8 degrees Celsius lower than the outdoor, and the monthly electricity bill was half less than in the past. Even if the air conditioner is turned on, the cooling will not be performed as frequently as before, the noise is less, and the comfort is greatly improved.

In Europe, the proportion of energy-efficient windows and doors has reached 67% of the total number of doors and windows.

The non-energy saving of doors and windows not only makes the people spend a lot of money for daily energy expenditure, but also causes huge energy waste in the country.

According to the survey, in the main energy consumption of Chinese society, building energy consumption has accounted for more than 20% of the total energy consumption of the whole society since 2000. With the frenzied development of real estate in recent years, building energy consumption has accounted for the total energy of the whole society. More than 40% of the consumption, and the energy consumption through the door and window accounts for about 50% of the building energy consumption.

Too much energy consumption is one of the causes of smog

The low penetration rate of energy-saving doors and windows has caused China’s building energy consumption to be more than three times that of developed countries. According to calculations by relevant departments, if the energy-saving level of doors and windows in the existing construction area of China’s 43 billion square meters can reach the current European standards, it will save 420 million tons of standard coal per year, equivalent to 20% of China’s total annual coal production. .

The reduction of coal consumption will directly help to reduce the formation of smog (central heating, large coal combustion is one of the main causes of haze weather in northern China). The resulting improvement in health and ecological environment will greatly exceed the cost of energy-saving door and window replacement.

“Now the energy waste is more than a hundred times and thousands of times more than eating and drinking. The doors and windows are a big funnel. Every household can’t do without doors and windows, but most people don’t understand the doors and windows.”

Ordinary households use energy-efficient doors and windows, saving hundreds of dollars a year!

Actual measurement:

The air conditioner is turned on for 2 hours, and the room with energy-saving doors and windows can be kept for at least 4 hours.


Summer cooling plus winter heating, 100 flat houses can save 300-1000 dollars per year.

Experiments have shown that energy-saving doors and windows do have the effect of blocking heat transfer, but how much does it save money? To this end, the expert deliberately calculated the account.

It is understood that, in terms of temperature alone, the use of energy-saving doors and windows and the use of ordinary doors and windows, the temperature can be about 4 °C.

In the summer, the indoor temperature of a 100 square meter house should be kept at around 26 °C, and a 2 air conditioner consumes 10 to 12 kWh per day.

If you use energy-saving glass doors and windows with heat insulation, you can save at least 40% of the energy, that is, the air conditioner is turned on for 2 hours, and the indoor temperature can be maintained for 5 to 6 hours.

In this way, you can save at least 6 to 10 kWh of electricity a day, and you can save 12-26 dollars in electricity every month.

In the winter, residents in central heating in the north always complain that the room temperature is not warm enough. In fact, the temperature of the heating is already hot enough, but the heat lost through the doors and windows in the home is too much. Households in the south who need air-conditioning for heating or cooling are suffering from huge electricity bills all year round.

The cost of heating is not a small expense, regardless of the north and south, whether it is plumbing, electric heating or air conditioning heating, the cost of a month is about 140-430 dollars.

According to this standard, the cost of a family in the heating season is roughly 580-1710 US dollars. If the energy-saving standard of energy-saving doors and windows is 40%, the average family can save 230-685 dollars in one winter.

Facts have proved that although the price of energy-saving windows and doors is slightly higher, in the long run, energy-saving doors and windows are the best choice for saving money!

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