How to choose the profile of doors and windows in different indoor spaces

Due to the urgent needs of modern people in the high-intensity, high-pressure living environment, in the decoration, the selection of doors and windows needs to consider many factors, including: anti-theft, wind protection, sound insulation, heat insulation, etc.


The profile of doors and windows is the key factor to reflect its performance. Generally speaking, the doors and windows in the home include kitchen door, balcony door, toilet door, etc.

So, how to combine the needs of different rooms to select materials for these doors and windows? We should know that there are usually four types of interior doors: sliding doors, hanging rail doors, folding doors, swing doors.

Kitchen door

Kitchen door demand: fireproof, durable and easy to clean

As the place closest to hot oil and fire source, the biggest demand of kitchen door is fireproof, durable and easy to clean.

  1. Material selection

In terms of material, it is recommended to choose a door with tempered glass profile. Easy to clean, high transparency, you can always pay attention to the situation of customers and restaurants when cooking in the kitchen, and you can take care of your children when cooking.

  1. The type of door

Swing door

It is recommended to avoid the side where the cabinet is located when selecting the direction of the switch when installing the flat door.

Sliding doors

The sliding door occupies a small space area, has a high appearance and a large door opening, which can increase the lighting of the kitchen.

Hanging rail door

The hanging rail door occupies a relatively smaller area, but the quality requirements of the hanging rail hardware are high. When choosing the hanging rail door, you should pay attention to choosing hardware accessories of big brands.

Folding door

The door is embedded in the wall, and the door is not felt when it is opened. However, such a door has relatively troublesome craftsmanship and high cost. Only non-load-bearing walls can be designed.

Balcony door


Balcony door: light transmission and sound insulation

Indoor lighting is very important, so balcony door must be transparent, glass door is the first choice is the first choice. Sound insulation is related to the comfort and safety of home, so it is recommended to choose two-layer insulating glass. If the balcony is not sealed, the balcony door should also be well sealed, insulated and moisture-proof

Toilet door


Toilet door: waterproof and privacy

Toilet water vapor is big, and more private, so toilet door to these two requirements are very high.


It is recommended to choose rainbow glass and frosted glass with high privacy for the door body, and aluminum alloy or plastic steel door frame can be selected for the door frame.

If choose wooden door, must do waterproof treatment.

Although the door occupies a small area, but it is one of the most important components of the home, we must carefully select.

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