A necessary design standard is also needed in the design of doors and windows. Many people don’t know how to make good use of this set of design standards when installing doors and windows. These design specifications need to be paid attention to when designing doors and windows. Today Utench brings you five instructions for the design standards of doors and windows!

  1. Sill height

In general residential buildings, the height of windowsill is required to be no less than 0.9m. When the height of windowsill is less than 0.8m, protective measures shall be taken. In public buildings, the height of windowsill varies from 1.0 to 1.8m, and the bottom height of the sash opening to the public walkway shall not be less than 2.0m.

  1. Window height

In general residential buildings, the height of the window is 1.5m, plus the height of the windowsill is 0.9m, the top of the window is 2.4m from the floor. The height of the window shall be determined according to the requirements of daylighting, ventilation, space image, etc., but attention shall be paid to the high rigidity of the window. If necessary, beams or “splicing frames” shall be added. In public buildings, the height of the whole piece of glass has exceeded 7.2m, which does not belong to the scope of general windows.

  1. Window width

Generally, the window width starts from 0.6m. According to the provisions of the standard building opening specifications, the base width of the general building opening is 300mm, that is, the general width is 600mm, 900mm, 1200mm, 1500mm, etc. It should be noted that when the window opening is too wide, the vertical mullion or “splicing frame” should be added, otherwise the rigidity of the window is easy to occur.

  1. Height of door

The height of the door for people to pass through is generally no less than 2m, and no higher than 2.4m. Otherwise, there is a sense of hollowness, and the production of the door leaf also needs to be strengthened. If it is necessary for modeling, ventilation and lighting, small window can be added to the door, with the height from 0.4m, but it should not be too high.

The door for the vehicle or equipment to pass through shall be determined according to the specific situation, and its height shall be 0.3-0.5m higher than that of the vehicle or equipment, so as to prevent the vehicle from colliding with the door frame due to bumping or the equipment needs to be handled by roller pad. As for the clearance requirements of various vehicles, please refer to the corresponding specifications.

If the stadium, exhibition hall and other large-scale and large space buildings need to be equipped with super scale doors, they can be equipped with regular size attached doors on the door leaf, so that people can pass when the door does not need to be opened.

At present, there are many inspection doors for various equipment and tube wells in the building, which are not often passed through. Therefore, generally, the upper frame height is the same as or lower than the ordinary door, and there is a threshold with the same height as the skirting line left at the lower side. The net height does not need to be limited to 2m, 1.5m or so.

Hotel rooms with a clear height of 2.1m.

  1. Width of door

Generally, the door of a house is 0.9-1m, the door of a room is 0.8-0.9m, the door of a kitchen is about 0.8m, and the door of a toilet is 0.7-0.8m. Considering the moving in of modern furniture, the upper limit size is adopted now.

The door width of public buildings is generally 1 m for a single door and 1.2-1.8 m for a double door. The production of door leaves should be considered for the second width. The door width of a double door or multiple doors should be 0.6-1.0 M.

The width of the door opening of the hotel guest room is generally ≥ 0.9m, and that of the bathroom is ≥ 0.75m.

The width of the emergency exit for safe evacuation shall be set according to the calculation and specifications (relevant fire prevention specifications). The width of the door for maintenance of the pipeline well is generally 0.6m. In addition to its own width, only 0.3-0.5m space is left on each side of the door for motor vehicles or equipment to pass through.


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