Many people say that the aluminum alloy doors and windows industry is a mixture of fish and dragons. 99 of the 100 new decoration owners will be cheated when they choose aluminum alloy doors and windows. The model and name of the door and window lie to you, the quality of the glass lies to you, the material lies to you, the installation lies to you, in a word, it just lies to you

UTENCH science and technology for doors and windows, as an ambitious science channel, will take you today to understand what the sealing materials are and where they play a role. And what to pay attention to when buying and installing materials, how to distinguish between good and bad

Why sealing materials are important

Sealant strip, sealing felt strip and silicone are auxiliary materials for aluminum alloy doors and windows processing. Although they only occupy a small part in the whole system of aluminum alloy doors and windows, they can greatly improve the sealing performance of doors and windows

As the saying goes, details determine success or failure. This sentence is particularly obvious on aluminum alloy doors and windows. For example, when installing sealant on aluminum alloy doors and windows, a good sealant is matched with an experienced installer. The glue produced can often be formed at one time, which is not only beautiful, but also has no leakage in the future

But what if it comes with a bad glue? Even if I give you one of the best glue masters, over time, the sealant will crack, and the rain will continue to penetrate through the gap, disturbing your life.


Getting to know the function of sealing materials

1) sealant strip

Sealing strip is used for sealing aluminum alloy doors and windows, also known as sealing strip. The main function is to close the doors and windows, through the extrusion of plastic strip deformation, play a role in sealing, while increasing air tightness, water tightness. The color of sealant strip is generally black, and it can also be made into different colors according to the requirements to match the doors and windows of different colors, so as to make them consistent

Sealant strips are divided into two categories: vulcanized rubber and thermoplastic elastomer. Common products include:

Vulcanized rubber: EPDM, silicone rubber, neoprene rubber strip

Thermoplastic elastomers: thermoplastic vulcanizates, polyurethane thermoplastic elastomers, plasticized PVC strips

The shape of sealant strip is also divided into many parts, which need to be used according to different parts of aluminum alloy doors and windows and different functional requirements. For example, the O-shaped rubber strip is generally used for sealing between sashes and frames, and is mostly used for casement windows; the K-shaped rubber strip is generally used for inlaying and sealing between glass frames and sashes.

(2) Sealing felt strip

Sealing felt strip is a kind of sealing material used for push-pull rate and golden door and window. It is made of polypropylene (polypropylene) filament into fluff, and the fluff is planted on the base plate of polypropylene material. Install the wool strip on the sliding door and window, and the wool strip is closely connected with the frame and the sash to play a sealing role.

At present, the Sealing felt strip sold on the market can be divided into two categories: Organosilicon Sealing felt strip and non Organosilicon Sealing felt strip. According to the shape, it can be divided into acrylic-sheet Sealing felt strip and non acrylic-sheet Sealing felt strip.

Organosilicon Sealing felt strip

acrylic-sheet Sealing felt strip


Silicone is mainly used between the outer frame and wall of aluminum alloy doors and windows, between glass and aluminum alloy materials.

There are many kinds of silicone, but there are two kinds of silicone applied between the outer frame and wall of aluminum alloy doors and windows, glass and aluminum alloy materials: neutral silicone sealant and neutral silicone structural adhesive

The function of neutral silicone sealant is sealing and waterproof. The use position is the sealing between the window frame and the wall, the joint between the profile and the profile, and the sealing between the glass and the profile.

The function of neutral silicone structural adhesive is structural fixation. The use position is at the junction between the corner glass and large parallel glass.

Advanced version: choose the best sealing material possible

Sealing materials and profiles, glass, hardware accessories belong to aluminum alloy door and window materials, but they are different. When selecting aluminum alloy profiles, glass and hardware accessories, we should not only consider the needs of their own differences, but also consider the scope of economic capacity.

Sealing materials are different, and the comparison between good materials and poor materials is obvious (it may only take a year or two to feel the difference of using experience). But the price difference between them is really affordable for everyone. So choose the best sealing material possible!

(1) select EPDM and silicone rubber strips as sealing strips

As mentioned above, the sealing strip plays an important role in the sealing function of aluminum alloy doors and windows. The high-quality strip can be used for a long time without loss of elasticity, some of which can be equivalent to the service life of the outer window. But the bad rubber strip will harden and lose elasticity within a few months, thus losing the sealing performance.

The commonly used aluminum alloy door and window rubber strips are three kinds of plasticized PVC rubber strips, EPDM rubber strips and silicone rubber strips. The plasticized PVC strip takes PVC resin as the main raw material, and a certain amount of plasticizer is added, so the aging time is fast.

EPDM rubber strip and silicone rubber strip take EPDM rubber and silicone rubber as main raw materials respectively. After processing, the two kinds of rubber strips have excellent aging resistance, and their service life can reach about 50 years. But because of the high price of these two kinds of rubber strips, many bad businesses do not choose to use them. For consumers, EPDM and silicone rubber strips are the most cost-effective ones

(2) Buy Organosilicon Sealing felt strip and acrylic-sheet Sealing felt strip when buying Sealing felt strip

Whether the strip is silicified or not refers to whether the strip for production and production has been treated with silicone. The wool treated with silicone is called Organosilicon Sealing felt strip, which has certain water repellency, so as to ensure the sealing ability when the outer window meets water.

Laminating strip is an upgraded version of ordinary strip, which is made by adding a polypropylene film to the middle of the wool in the production process. The thin film can effectively block the air flow through the vertical wool, so that the sealing and water resistance of the wool can be multiplied.

(3) Sealant cannot be replaced at will

The sealant will withstand the long-term solar ultraviolet radiation, so the sealant should be silicone sealant with good weather resistance and displacement ability. Good sealant appearance is fine, uniform, no bubbles, no gel.

At the same time, UTENCH reminds you to pay attention to two things when purchasing and using sealant. One: there are different types of sealant, different sealant uses different, can not be replaced at will. Second: the purchase of sealant depends on the expiry date. The properties of expired sealant will be much worse.

(4) the comparison between good and poor sealing materials is obvious, and the price of good materials is affordable. So choose the best sealing material possible!