There are six kinds of screens on the market. What are their characteristics and how to choose? Now I’ll tell you one by one

1.The first generation of traditional single screen window

Advantages: single screen window is very cheap, it is the most economical and practical screen window;

Disadvantages: the common problems are poor sealing, poor aesthetics, and inconvenient cleaning. Once there is a problem, it can hardly be repaired, and it does not match with high-end housing.

2.Second generation screen:

Rolling screen, concealed screen, folding screen

Advantages: it can be put away when not in use, saving space, and avoiding the trouble of being easily damaged or dirty due to long-term exposure;

Disadvantages: the folding invisible screen window is not simple as a whole. Because of the frame and guide rail, the structure of the window is damaged to a certain extent, making the window look bloated. If the bad folding screen is selected, the service life is often affected because the screen is faulty or not sewn well;

Roller screen is the most popular at present. Its service life is relatively long, it is easy to remove and wash, and the beauty does not occupy the place, which solves the big trouble in actual use

3.The third generation of magnetic paste screen

Advantages: simple, easy to remove, easy to clean, do not damage the window structure, after installation, flat and straight.

Disadvantages: it’s easy to demagnetize after a long time. Once the wind is big, the airtightness can’t be guaranteed

4.Stainless steel window screen

Substitute products of ordinary nylon window screen in Oversea Market.

Advantages: simple, fire-proof, rodent proof, air permeability and safety

Disadvantages: improper operation is prone to deformation


5.Kingkung Mosquito Netting

Upgraded version of stainless steel window screen,Now Utench mainly use this kind of mosquito netting for private house and high-end projects

Advantages: it has high strength, simple and powerful, shear resistance, impact resistance and other high-quality performance, truly embodies the advantages of anti-theft, insect prevention, ventilation, beauty, safety and so on.

Disadvantages: expensive

Kingkung Mosquito Netting has the advantages of good hardness and high strength. Whether it is fixed on the wall or on the window, it will have a good enough bearing capacity, not afraid of invasion by outsiders. High quality alloy steel screens are all treated by electrophoretic coating, not afraid of humid environment, sun or corrosion in harsh environment.


6.AntiSmogAnd Haze window screen

Latest German patent window screen

Advantages: it not only has stronger light transmission, air permeability and durability than the traditional window screen, but also realizes powerful dust barrier function without electricity. It is known as “a magic window screen”.

Disadvantages: high price, no anti-theft.