Uncover all kinds of deceptive means of thermal break aluminum door and window industry

In the house decoration, the broken bridge aluminum window is the most difficult to figure out for the following reasons:

  1. The price is expensive, just do it for tens of thousands. 2. There are many charges, You’ll be charged hundreds of dollars just for making glass glue. 3. The brand is miscellaneous, the after-sales service is poor, and you can’t buy the products you can rest assured with. 4. The quality is uneven, all kinds of recycled aluminum and inferior aluminum are full of the market. 5. Choosing a window is not just about choosing a brand. Most window brands focus on profiles, and others such as glass, accessories, hardware, measurement, processing and installation will ultimately determine the effect. 6. Corner codes of regular door and window manufacturers are all made of aluminum profiles with a wall thickness of not less than 3mm. Inferior businesses replace the corner codes of aluminum profiles with plastic ones. It’s hard to see the appearance, only a little can be seen from the gap.

There are five most pitfalls in the aluminum doors and windows of the broken bridge: 1. Using plastic instead of PA66 as the spacer, the plastic is brittle and not resistant to aging, and the businessmen on the heat insulation strip will also make an article, some use ordinary PVC heat insulation strip, and some use nylon PA66 heat insulation strip. High quality doors and windows are generally made of PA66 nylon strip, which is resistant to high temperature and is not afraid of expansion. PVC insulation strip can be broken by hand, PA66 nylon strip can not be broken even if it is repeatedly broken for more than ten times.

  1. The profile thickness is not enough, the aluminum ore is first melted into pure aluminum ingot, and then melted, adding other metals to make aluminum alloy rod, and then pulled into various profiles by profile machine, and then processed into window frame. Attention, miscellaneous brands may be made into aluminum rods by recycling waste aluminum. The large brands of bridge broken aluminum profiles are all in line with the national standards. There are only some miscellaneous brands, small brands, counterfeit European brands, and some substandard profiles with a wall thickness of only 1.0mm.
  1. There is also a good difference between the sealing strip. The main function is to make the glass and the frame closer by wearing the sealing strip on the pressing strip and the inner window sash, so as to ensure the air tightness of the doors and windows. If the sealing strip is not good, it will make the broken bridge aluminum window leak. The sealing strip is very important! There are EPDM and elastomer strips in the sealing strip. It is suggested to choose elastomer strip. It is an environment-friendly strip, and can be recycled without polluting the environment.
  1. 4.Hardware is often cheated. When buying a window, the merchant should make sure whether the hardware is made in China or imported. Good hardware can ensure the smooth opening and closing of the window for decades. No matter how good the windows are, if the hardware is not good, it will also affect the performance of sealing, heat insulation and heat preservation. If the hardware is included in the unit price or given free of charge, it’s better not to be cheap, because often such things are not good hardware. If you want to choose the hardware, you can choose the brand. For example, KINLONG and HOPO, which are commonly used in UTENCHdoors and windows, are guaranteed after sales.
  1. 5.When calculating the area of a window, you should pay more attention to the materials that are lost. Some shops offer cheaper prices, but when it comes to the actual door-to-door measurement, the cost will increase. Some even charge additional expenses during the installation, and some even add 20% of the measured area as the loss. Be sure to sign a contract, indicating the price, no additional items, etc.
a type of window mainly popular in kenya

Buy aluminum window, how to choose not to be cheated?

The choice of profiles is crucial

1.Famous brands as like as UTENCH¬†are often more secure. Some bad businesses will make “false bridges”, and make the cavity bigger and longer, and create the so-called 65 series (which refers to the window width of apartment layout 65mm). The windows are exactly the same as the 65 windows. In fact, there is no real 50 broken bridges.

In addition, there is the wall thickness of the profiles. The bad businesses may make 1.6 mm thick profiles for you in places that are easy to notice, cut corners on other inner walls, or show you a 2.0 wall thickness broken bridge cavity when looking at the samples, and actually make 1.6 for you, etc. in addition, there are counterfeit brands of profiles

2.Glass sealant is very important

The insulating glass used to seal the balcony has strong sealing ability. You can tell from the sealant. If the sealant is “dog gnawed”, you can pass it directly. In addition, see the color and elasticity of sealant. Good sealant, good weather resistance, windows in glue. Bad sealant will be weathered, deformed or moldy in a few years.

3.If the hardware is very cheap, I advise you not to buy a set of broken bridge aluminum. It needs a lot of hardware accessories, especially the window, handle and sliding brace. Many people want to press the price of hardware accessories. You should know that although the hardware is insignificant, it needs to be used every day, and you can only buy cheap goods to save money. The service life of inferior hardware accessories is usually only 2-3 years. If you want to use them for 10 years, you still have to buy famous accessories of big brands such as Shandong Utench. You can’t save money on hardware.

4. The quality of the sealing strip is the same as that of the sealing strip, but there is a big difference in price. Choose the sealing strip, can’t choose too soft, easy to rot, good sealing strip has toughness, won’t absorb water. Sealant to smell a taste, taste can not buy, poor material! And then we have to tear it to see how the toughness is. Under certain conditions, the more the adhesive content, the better the toughness and the better the quality. The rubber strip that is not easy to be deformed by pulling and heating is a good one.