Living in the city for a long time, people are more eager to contact with nature. As the closest place to nature, balcony is a place where we can enjoy the breath of nature and breathe fresh space. Balcony doors and windows how to design more beautiful and practical, is a lot of people are related to things, UTENCH will recommend a few programs to you.

1、 Installation of sliding door on Balcony:

First of all, sliding doors on the balcony can protect family privacy. For example, if you have a balcony in your home, the balcony must have the function of drying clothes. If there is no door or other things to block, it will be very embarrassing to dry clothes on the open balcony.

In the southern area, the humidity will be heavier in the rainy season. If the balcony is equipped with a sliding door, it can block this part of the humidity and give the indoor space a clean and comfortable environment.

If a sliding door is installed on the balcony, it will keep you warm when you turn on the heating in winter, and if you turn on the air conditioner in summer, it will cool down faster and save electricity

Balcony sliding doors are the choice of most people. It saves space while adding elegance to the home space. Balcony sliding doors will make the living room look lighter and more fashionable. Its division, covering, etc. are so simple and changeable. . Today, when we advocate being close to nature, after installing a smooth, silent, transparent and bright sliding door on the balcony, you can enjoy the sun and scenery to your heart’s content.

  1. Install sun blinds on balcony windows

If you want to use the balcony as a place for leisure and learning, but don’t want to be directly exposed to the sun, you can install sunshades on the windows at this time, which can ensure the privacy of the balcony area while being transparent.

The balcony windows are equipped with sun shades, which will not affect the indoor lighting, and will not be directly exposed to the sun when relaxing on the balcony. Pull down the sunshade when sunshading is needed, and raise the sunshade when it is not needed to ensure indoor lighting.

The installation of sunshades on the windows also has a certain protective effect on the homes in the balcony area, avoiding the aging of the homes due to sunlight, and increasing the aesthetics of the furniture.