For many people, due to the special situation of the recent epidemic situation, we all started to work online. At this time, there is a suitable working area at home, which is very important for friends of home office or online class!

Many people have a misconception about the work area. They always think that the work area is equal to a study. In fact, for most families, the work area is mainly about writing, reading mails and writing reports occasionally at home. As long as the design is reasonable enough, you can have a comfortable and beautiful family exclusive work area.


The space beside the window is small and exquisite with excellent lighting. It makes perfect use of the space. At the same time, it brings comfortable and quiet working environment through simple and practical design.


The window can choose the built-in shutter, and use the shutter to adjust the light. When you work, you can keep your privacy. When you have a rest, you can see the scenery in the distance. It’s relaxing and comfortable!

The working area can choose wood as furniture, with a kind of natural flavor, plus the beautiful scenery outside the window. There is only one window separated from the nature. Is there a feeling of outdoor work!


Make good use of the corner by the window to design a suitable place for children and adults to learn.

A bookshelf, a table, a chair and a lamp form a quiet reading corner or work area. In the busy life, you can finally calm down, read a book, and spend an afternoon here.