Utench has been working in the north of China since 2008. All segments of work, from the development and preparation via manufacture to assembly are done in house.

A company that started working as a small firm is now a worldwide operating company with above than 20 countries exporting experience. But there is a thing that hasn’t changed, the hunt for complete perfect and finest quality work. It is our clients, their desires and requirements, who are at the center of whatever thing we do.

UTENCH– Function and design for buildings with character

Each and every building is unique in its own way. Exclusively designed windows are a very important feature of any particular architectural concept, defining the aesthetic of the complete front and setting the charm of any building. The UTENCH series offers the best services to produce complex but appealing window designs that gives an excellent level of functionality and exact dimensions. The UTENCH series comprise the multi-level ideas for both noise and thermal insulation, UTENCH has a high-quality range of fittings to offer to clients. The wide range of variety has a lot of options for outwards and inwards opening windows, also numerous design versions:

Upvc and Aluminum Products

  • Top hung windows
  • Arched windows
  • Horizontally-sliding sash windows
  • Bi-folding door
  • Casement door
  • Turn, tilt, turn/tilt windows
  • Fixed sash windows
  • Folding window
  • Heavy-duty sliding door

Moreover, UTENCH can also help the clients with one-stop solutions to other materials that are needed in the constructional phase of their buildings.

One-Stop Solution

  • Roof Tile
  • Aluminum Door
  • Burglar Grille

The advantages of Utench at a glance:

  • The best suitable version for all types of buildings, because of the wide range of opening types, outwards and inwards
  • Designs that includes features like bullet-resistant, theft-resistant, and thermal-insulation are possible without making any changes in the appearance, and with a number of extra components
  • The best windows for every kind of applications because of the extensive range of systems offered by us
  • A wide range of system tests according to the internal product standards
  • One stop centralized procurement for all type of building materials, saving the customers from searching numerous suppliers
  • Designs according the customer needs
  • Fittings that are finely personalized to window systems, with the excellent durability and quality

Core competence:

  • Minimum delivery time

We offer minimum delivery time as compared to the other providers. Out minimum delivery time saves the procurement time and offers 30% less production time.

  • Customizable

We offer customized materials to fit the needs of out customers. The color, size and hardware brand can be customized.

  • Material reliability

UTENCH focuses a lot on the quality of the material that are used in the manufacturing. So, we offer the finest material reliability to our customers.

  • Excellent performance

Our products offer excellent performance in the water tightness, air tightness, anti-theft, wind pressure, best suitable for high-end apartments and private residences.