ASA synthetic resin tile is a product developed using imported ASA raw materials. The successful research and development of this product has provided a more convenient and efficient alternative for high-grade roofing materials. Its antique three-dimensional structure adds new elements to modern antique, western and European architecture. The products are widely used in the roof decoration of various permanent buildings, especially suitable for universally used in flat-to- sloping roof, warehouses, farmers' markets, shopping malls, residential quarter, new rural residential villa, car shed, canopy, antique building, industrial plant, greenhouse canopy, old urban reconstruction, corridor access, balcony ceiling.

Main accessories of resin tile include: Main Tile, Main Ridge Tile, Oblique Ridge Tile, Three-way valve, Oblique ridge tile end, Drain Board, Endcap of Main Ridge Tile, Antique Drain Board, Left/Right Eave Board, 90ºGable Flashing Board, 135º Inside Corner Deflector, 120ºVertical Wall Flashing Board, Sealing Cap.

ASA synthetic resin tile has smooth surface and "lotus leaf effect", which is not easy to absorb dust. After being washed by rain, it is clean as new. After being washed by rain, the dirt on the surface of resin tile will not appear mottled phenomenon, and it is not easy to hang snow, so as to reduce the risk of collapse caused by heavy snow load. The general specification of resin tile is usually 0.96m, the thickness is 2.5-3mm, and the weight per square meter is about 4.5-6kg. The resin tile has good load-resistant performance, without any damage under the condition of support interval of 750mm and uniform load of 150kg.